Wedding Photos

Wow, we’re married now!  We’re also back from our honeymoon in Jackson Hole (mostly Teton Village), Wyoming.  It was great!

We’ve uploaded a few pictures to our online albums here.  Unfortunately that doesn’t include any wedding photos, since we didn’t take any.  Hopefully we will get some of those soon.

Blessed With Great Weather

Unless things change significantly in the next 1 day and 18 hours, we can expect to have fabulous weather on Friday.  Sure, it will be 83 degrees and the humidity will be about 50%, but this is Georgia!  That’s what we love about this place.

See the hour by hour details at

We couldn’t be more excited.  See you soon!

One Week

We are so very ready!

One Month!

One single month! 30 days! We are impossibly excited.

Update on Hotels

For a while now, we’ve had a list of recommended Athens, GA hotels up on this website.  However, we have some fresh and good news:

We reserved a block of rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn for our guests’ convenience. When you call in your reservation, ask for the Swart-Dyer wedding block. The block rate is $124 plus tax and parking ($8) per day.  You’ll have the option to choose one night (Fri.) or two (Fri. & Sat.), as well as two queens or one king bed.

Hilton Garden Inn
website | map | 706-353-6800 | 390 East Washington Street, Athens, GA 30601

Of course you can choose to stay anywhere you want!  But hopefully this recommendation and discount will make your travels a little easier.

What Goes into a Wedding

As I describe the things we will work on this week, it will sound like we’ve previously been sitting on our hands! However, there is always more to do when it comes to wedding planning. Every time I think I’m done, something else comes up. This is surely in part due to a desire to have things go perfectly. If I were willing to just make a decision and let it go, we wouldn’t be deliberating the small stuff. But that wouldn’t be in character, now would it!? This is too important, and too fun.

So that said, this week we’ve already finished selecting tuxedos. We’re making progress on cake. The rings have been selected, but not yet purchased and picked up. If you’re curious, last week was music, flowers, hair, wedding license, and varied wedding papers.

Still up to bat remains wine. One thing that our guests should know in advance is unfortunately our venue only allows white wine. Yeah, I know. From the start, we always knew that liquor was not allowed. That was okay with us. However, it wasn’t until we received the full-blown contract that we realized red wine was also verboten. By that time, we had already made a number of related decisions. After lengthy discussion and consideration, it was decided that the Day Chapel was still our best option. The benefits of having the wedding in Athens outweighed the problem of no red wine. We truly hope that this won’t ruin the experience for anyone.

The reason behind the very strict alcohol policy of the Day Chapel goes back to its founding family. I’ve written a little about the chapel on this website earlier. As it turns out, the Day family were teetotalers. They lobbied for no alcohol at all! However, during negotiations, the Botanical Garden was able to receive an allowance for white wine, arguing that weddings necessitate toasts, and champagne should be allowed.

Thus, our wine pairings will have to be a little creative. Fortunately we have a renowned chef and his specialty wine store at our disposal to help us get this sorted out. The result will be delicious, though it may require a little open-mindedness!

6 Weeks!

Oh goodness.

Licensed To Wed

(1919, from the Digital Library of Georgia)

Yesterday, we made our way to the Athens, GA courthouse. It was a gorgeous day.  I hope May 30th is this lovely: Cool and fresh with warm sunny light. A trip through the security line, few forms later, a well-worth-it fee, and we’re ready to go.

We’re getting more excited as each major milestone passes.  It will be wonderful to see so many family and friends gathered at once, and we hope our guests will enjoy themselves.  Most of all, it will be great to be husband and wife!  One step closer each day.

Our Menu

Our invitations are a little vague on types of entree you can select, so here’s a tip for website visitors:

Beef: NY Strip with warm fingerling potato salad, haricots vert and shiraz jus

Fish: Pan fried trout with Red Mule grits, fresh tomato salad and lemon marjoram jam

Veggie: Housemade gnocchi with local basil, arugula, heirloom tomatoes and goat cheese

I’m torn between fish, my almost-always choice, and veggie for this one. The veggies will be super delish.

As for the other 3 courses, that will be a surprise!


The details are all coming together! We’ll start off in Athens, Georgia and then, on the 31st, travel to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It’s a long way as you can see (yes we will fly):


Spring is an especially beautiful time of year in Wyoming, so hopefully we’ll see just the right amount of natural snow. Plus, we’ll have some space thanks to avoiding peak season at our resort. They have us down as VIP guests, which should be good for some fun!


Jason has climbed the Tetons (pictured above and surrounding Teton Village), so when I behold the mountains, I will finally have chance to be absolutely as impressed as I should be! That said, we will not be doing any mountain climbing or tent pitching this go-round.

I realize it’s not the typical beach destination, but can you beat that view? Oh, and when I was chatting with a lady at the salon the other day, she said her honeymoon at Jackson Hole was her favorite one of all (ha ha ha)! Now that’s an endorsement.

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